The Hands-On Technology Program

Welcome to the Hands-On Technology Program. Here you will find science experiments and other hands-on activities to help your K-8 students get excited about learning. All of the activities are designed so that the children can do them using every day, inexpensive materials. Many of the pages that follow are designed to be photocopied and used directly by your class. Others are teacher's notes and materials lists.

To get started, pick a subject below or choose one of the following for more general information.

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. . . THE SUBJECTS (Grade) . . .

Physical Science
Sound (2)
Simple Machines (3)
Electricity & Magnetism(4)
Solids, Liquids, and Gasses(3)
Matter (5)
Life Science
Dinosaurs (2)
Plants (3)
Human Body(5)
Earth Science
Recycling (1)
Space (2)
Weather (3)
Water (4)
Geology (4)
Mancala (1-2)
Abacus (2-3)
Chopsticks (3-4)
Geometry of Structures (4)
Checkbooks (5-6)
House Design (5-6)