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Document and File Sharing

The traditional method for sharing of documents has been to maintain an FTP server, then have both parties have a username and password. Then each can upload documents for the other to download. We still support that method, as well as anonymous FTP, which allows you to upload your documents in an area that anyone/everyone has access to so anyone can download those documents or files.

Now we have dedicated web applications that can make this task much easier and less of a learning cycle. Instead it can be all point and click web applications. We’ve found a few that we allow you to install the software on your own hosting account. There’s a few in the Application Vault that can be installed with a point and a click, and are very simple to use. If you have any trouble or need assistance, we would be glad to help get things running for you.

This feature allows you to securely exchange files between you and your clients. Its like having a virtual hard drive on the internet. You can share and tag any type of file whether it be a document, image or even sound file. You control who has access to which file. You control the limits as to what your clients or friends can upload to your storage. So you have full control over your own document sharing.